Schneider Go Green 2022 (North America)

Bring your green ideas to life! #WhatsYourBoldIdea

Design-Thinking Workshop

Bring Your Ideas to Life

Learn creative and empathetic problem-solving techniques to help you craft a potentially world-changing business solution. Join us for an interactive session where we'll explore a customer-based approach to solving problems.

Design-thinking reframes the conversation and lets you solve real-world problems.


On-Demand Recording

Lean Canvas Workshop

Prototyping Your New Business

Discover the key to a quick and effective method of getting your ideas out of your head and shared with others. Join us for an interactive session where we’ll explore a one-page approach to communicating your idea clearly and concisely that’s sure to wow your professors and project stakeholders.

Lean Canvas deconstructs your solution into its key assumptions and lets the heart of your ideas shine.