Schneider Go Green 2022 (South America)

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Application to the South America region is now open, check the list below to see the eligible list of countries for this region


At Schneider Electric, our ambition is to offer equal opportunities to everyone everywhere, and we want our employees — no matter who they are, or where in the world they live —to feel uniquely valued, and safe to contribute their best. Diversity is an integral part of our history, culture, and identity, and we are creating an equitable and inclusive culture where all diversities are seen as a real value for the company.

At AVEVA, our people are at the heart of our business and we are proud to have a diverse, multi-cultural and vibrant employee group. We are committed to building an inclusive culture, that supports and encourages diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), promoting respect, dignity, and belonging so that employees can bring their whole selves to work. As our people share their perspectives, we empower them to make a positive difference in our company and our communities around the world.

Schneider Electric and AVEAVA are strongly committed to building a diverse organization at every level, with a workforce that reflects the diverse markets in which we operate.


We have identified increasing the representation of women in our workforce and leadership as an absolute priority. We have set bold 50/40/30 targets - women representing 50% of all new hires, 40% of frontline managers, and 30% of leadership. These have been further reinforced in our long-term commitments as Goal#8 of the Schneider Sustainability Index and AVEVA’s 2030 Agenda.

This new commitment is both a testament to the progress we have made so far and a clear signal to our ecosystem that we intend to accelerate on our efforts to reach better levels of representation in all areas of diversity.

Strategic Intent

At Schneider Electric, we have a steadfast commitment to becoming the most diverse, equitable and inclusive company, globally.

Multiple studies show how diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) impacts brand, corporate purpose and financial performance, and as gender is the most inclusive of all diversities, it is a proxy for broader diversity, equity and inclusion. A 2020 McKinsey study showed that companies in the top quartile of gender diversity on executive teams are 25% more likely to experience above-average profitability. It is also a misconception that the sustainable profitable growth and success of women must come at the expense of that of men.

As our CEO and Chairman Jean-Pascal Tricoire puts it, “Gender equality is not a zero-sum game. At Schneider Electric, we know that a gender equal environment benefits everyone in the company, and more importantly, requires the support of all parties involved. To achieve our ambition to be the most diverse, equitable and inclusive company, we need both men and women engaged in this ambitious transformation.”

We focus on 30% representation at the leadership level because research has shown that 30% is the tipping point for diversity to have a real impact on teams. This approach is informed by critical mass theory, which takes its roots in physics, where a minimum ‘critical mass’ is needed to sustain a nuclear chain reaction. When it comes to diversity on teams, 30% has been identified as the critical mass number.

Gender Diversity for Schneider Go Green

With this Diversity, Equity and Inclusion philosophy in mind, we expect all teams participating in Schneider Go Green to be gender diverse. That means your team needs people who identify differently in terms of gender. If we subscribe to the 30% “critical mass” representation recommendation, if you have a team of two, we recommend each team member identify differently. If you have a team of three, we recommend at least one team member to identify differently than the other two team members. If you have a team of four, to gain “critical mass”, we recommend two members of the team have a different gender identity.

Learn more about Diversity Equity and Inclusion at both Schneider and AVEVA.