Go Green in the City 2019

Bring your green ideas to life! #WhatsYourBoldIdea

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The competition is now closed for project submissions! The selected teams will be announced from June 18.
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And share your bold idea with us!

Sustainability &
Access to Energy


Digitize our business and enable access to energy or sustainable developments.

Buildings of
the Future


Can buildings be smarter, more sustainable and incorporate new technologies?

Plants of
the Future

Apply IoT, AI, Machine Learning and more to the industries of the present or future.

Grids of
the Future

Imagine the future of energy management and distribution!

Today nearly 1.3 billion people lack access to modern energy and on the other hand, we have technology developing so fast in the energized areas! Energy consumption will grow by 50% till 2050 due to megatrends of rapid urbanization, industrialization and digitization and electricity demand will grow twice as fast as that.

At Schneider, sustainability is at the center of our strategy and we believe that sustainability is business, which means that whatever we do or create, we consider the impact of it in many levels.

Schneider Electric are looking for ideas that can help to solve the energy dilemma with digitized and innovative business models and/or sustainable approaches that enable access to energy or sustainable developments.
Can buildings be smarter and more sustainable with the incorporation of new technologies? 

The age of smart and efficient buildings is now. Schneider Electric offers EcoStruxureTM, an IoT-enabled architecture and platform that enables our clients to create buildings which are, regardless of size or use, more energy efficient, sustainable and occupant friendly. But we dare you to disrupt!
How new technologies can merge into something new for buildings? How can we reshape the future of hospitals, homes, schools and commercial buildings? Share your ideas!

Be inspired by Schneider Electric’s ExoStruxureTM Building collaboration with Marriott hotels:

Share your ideas for a more comfortable and greener life at hospitals, data centers, commercial or residential buildings!

Schneider Electric is leading the digital transformation of industrial automation markets. Delivered through our EcoStruxure architecture, our IoT technologies, including integrated software, are ready for smart manufacturing and can deliver new business opportunities for plants and machine builders – increasing profitability and productivity.

Discover how clean energy producer Entrade uses Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure™ Machine to create a new business model that leverages remote monitoring to bring sustainable energy to the world.

Let your real-life or innovative applications of IoT, AI or Machine Learning blossom for industries in the present or in the future. We want to hear your bold ideas!

By 2040, there will be a 58% increase in global energy demand. How can our world meet this demand and also meet the needs of our planet’s wellbeing?

From seamless local production and integration at the grid edge, to bridging demand and supply, Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure™ Grid increases your grid’s efficiency for sustainable networks.

Now it’s up to you to develop new solutions for the future of energy management and distribution. Blockchain, AI… the sky’s the limit for new solutions! What’s your bold idea?
Schneider Electric helps SA Power Networks ensures electricity flows to 1.5 million households through the most extreme storms in southern Australia.

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