Schneider Go Green 2020 (Greater China)

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Sustainability & Access to Energy

Buildings of the Future

Plants of the Future

Grids of the Future


At Schneider Electric, we believe that energy is a basic human right. Today nearly 1.3 billion people lack access to modern energy and on the other hand, we have technology developing so fast in the energized areas!
Energy consumption will grow by 50% till 2050 due to megatrends of rapid urbanization, industrialization and digitization and electricity demand will grow twice as fast as that.
Schneider Electric are looking for ideas that can help to solve the energy dilemma with digitized and innovative business models and/or sustainable approaches that enable access to energy or sustainable developments.


Can buildings be smarter and more sustainable with the incorporation of new technologies?
The age of smart and efficient buildings is now. Schneider Electric offers EcoStruxureTM, an IoT-enabled architecture and platform that enables our clients to create buildings which are, regardless of size or use, more energy efficient, sustainable and occupant friendly. But we dare you to disrupt!
How new technologies can merge into something new for buildings? How can we reshape the future of hospitals, homes, schools and commercial buildings? Share your ideas!
Be inspired by Schneider Electric’s ExoStruxureTM Building collaboration with Marriott hotels:
Share your ideas for a more comfortable and greener life at hospitals, data centers, commercial or residential buildings!


Future of industrial automation
Industry is the foundation of a powerful country. After three decades of rapid development, the industry of China has come to the critical stage turning from “large-scale” to “strong”. The country has attached unprecedented importance to sustainable development, and digital technology has exerted unprecedented impact on traditional manufacturing. That requires the industrial enterprises to not only produce products of higher quality, but also remold their production process in a more intelligent way.

In order to help the Chinese industrial enterprises to cope with the challenge of transformation, Schneider Electric initiated the “5S” idea of green intelligent manufacturing—“Smart” as the spiritual core, “Software” as the powerful tool, “Sustainable” as the long-term pursuit, “Stepwise” as the approach, and “Security/Safety” as the bottom line. With the “5S”, Schneider will help the Chinese industry improve its production efficiency, quality, and flexibility and reduce the operation cost and the time to market, achieving the goal of “Greater, faster, better, more economical and more flexible”.

In that process, versatile engineering talents with the expertise of IT, OT and digitization are badly needed in various fields. To help students get closer to industrial practice, Schneider has organized the Go Green “Future Industry” contest. Please present your adventurous idea on any one of the following five topics, or other creative ideas on future industry.

Note: please indicate the topic in the title and the first page of your scheme, e.g. “Topic I + scheme name”, for the convenience of review. If your scheme doesn’t belong to any of the following topics, please indicate “Topic VI + scheme name”.

Topic I: How to empower the mechanical equipment manufacturers with cloud platforms and industrial APPs, to improve their digital level and thus propel the transformation?

In the digital era, mechanical equipment manufacturers are in urgent need of digital transformation from a point in the value chain by means of the industrial internet, so as to guarantee their position in the industry.
Topic II: How to empower the industrial enterprises with cloud platforms and industrial APPs to improve their asset efficiency?

Industrial enterprises attach great importance to lean production. Cloud platforms and industrial APPs can be utilized, with the technology of big data analysis, to keep the assets, reduce the downtime, and thus improve the asset efficiency.
Topic III: How to empower the industrial enterprises with digital products and APPs to achieve intelligent control and improve production efficiency?

The industrial enterprises are desiring to achieve intelligent control with digital technology, to reduce manual operation, improve the work efficiency of each employee, and optimize the production by means of big data analysis and algorithm, thus improving the overall production efficiency.

Topic IV: How to empower the industrial enterprises with digital products and APPs to achieve energy saving?

Industrial enterprises pay much attention to energy consumption. Digital technology can be utilized to achieve energy monitoring and to provide guidance with data analysis, thus realizing energy saving.
Topic V: How to practice intelligent maintenance by utilizing augmented reality (AR) and improve the efficiency of the maintainers?

Young engineers hope to achieve more efficient equipment and factory maintenance by means of AR and to achieve knowledge accumulation with digital APPs to cope with the challenge of employee turnover, thus helping with the smooth operation of the factories.

Campus Trainings on Future Industry

In order to help the students to better understand the status quo and trend of future industry for greater brainstorm, Schneider China Industrial Automation Business Unit has sent out a strong teacher team to hold three trainings on campus. If you are interested in the topic of future industry, come register for the training!

We will have professional lectures, explain our product highlights, demonstrate demo prototypes, answer your questions about internship and employment in Schneider, and prepare small gifts for you.

5th December
Huazhong University of Science and Technology

12th December
Shanghai Jiaotong University

19th December
University of Science and Technology Beijing

Registration site: (Please register for the contest and submit the first edition scheme before register for the training)
Rules of the Future Industry Contest
Advance screening: December 23rd

Teams that submit the “Future Industry” scheme before the date above will have the opportunity for some benefits: such as guidance from professional mentors and the priority of applying for Schneider prototypes for scheme development.

Formal review: Before March 1

The Schneider Electric Industrial Automation jury will select 2-3 teams from all the schemes on the topic of “Future Industry” for the China final. And the Top 10 teams will also win the “Excellent Case Award” as well as opportunities for internship and interview!
For rules of participation, scheme submission, and review, please refer to the uniform standards of the contest.
Show us your real-life innovative applications of digital solutions for industrial automation markets. We want to hear your bold ideas!


The global energy demand will increase by 58% by 2040. How will we cope with that demand while ensuring the health of the earth?
Now it’s time for you to propose new solutions for future energy management and distribution. No matter it is about blockchain or AI, there are endless possibilities! Do you have any revolutionary ideas?

Please present your adventurous idea on either of the following two topics, or other creative ideas on energy management.

Note: please indicate the topic in the title and the first page of your scheme, e.g. “Topic I + scheme name”, for the convenience of review. If your scheme doesn’t belong to any of the following topics, please indicate “Topic III + scheme name”.
Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) and edge computing solution: lightweight IoT data access (wireless terminal solution) or lightweight edge computing solution

Owners with the need for data analysis/digital transformation may not be able to carry out hardware data transmissions such as large-scale wiring and sensor installation as limited by the conditions of the site. You are expected to design a lightweight solution for such sites, to empower their data collection, communication, and data analysis. Reference directions: wireless data collection terminal (combining the form of collection terminal and the diversity of collection dimensions, e.g. the utilization of cellphone sensor and chip sensor), wireless communication, and data analysis based on data collection.

AI-based energy management software design or machine learning algorithm design for future buildings or industrial facilities. Please propose a comprehensive energy management solution with such technology as OT, IT and AI.
  1. For scenarios of future management of intelligent buildings and industrial facilities, intelligent software is needed to serve the life-cycle energy management of facilities and equipment. Energy management includes uninterruptible energy supply (guaranteeing the health of facilities and equipment) and efficient energy use (low-carbon and energy-saving, reducing the energy cost);
  2. The design of the software shall guarantee the high efficiency, automation, and intelligence of the energy management scenario (Consider only software function design and UED; UI is not crucial);
  3. The intelligent diagnosis algorithm can be a mechanism model or a machine learning model, including but not limited to the predictive maintenance model and energy-saving optimizing strategy model.
  4. Business model shall be taken into account in the design of the software.

The jury of Schneider Electric Digital Service Dept. will select 2-3 teams from all the schemes on the topic of “Future Energy” for the China final.
And the Top 10 teams will also win the “Excellent Case Award” as well as opportunities of internship and interview!

For other specific participating requirements, please refer to the uniform standards of the contest.